freshdesign is a team. Our design team is fortunate and proud to have logged years working together and we have welcomed an exacting (and strong!) set-up crew, a marketing whiz and a bright and bubbly studio assistant. We are minimalists, design drama queens and dark chocolate fiends. We live for garden roses, succulents, orchids, dahlias, hydrangea, moss, spray roses, thistle well you get the point. But most importantly, we like our brides, our clients and each other. We could not do this without one another and we like it that way.

freshdesign began as an idea in Sue Shunta's basement. So, you could say we've been underground and at The Milwaukee Art Museum, in churches, synagogues, homes and other fabulous venues. We're at the flower market (a lot!), and of course, right here at the freshdesign studio. Weddings, parties, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, special occasions it's what we're all about. Over the past nine (NINE! How did that happen?) years, we have evolved. Mary joined freshdesign, in the basement. Brave soul. Then we grew up, moved downtown and were joined by Kristin in our current studio. The design team was complete.

Together, we've learned about the power of white, that some centerpieces are heavier than they look, that football mums are the best, that bigger is better, and less is definitely more.

To address the obvious, we love flowers. Before we get to the flowers, though, there is concept and details to consider. Oh the details! Details keep us up at night. At freshdesign we believe the design process itself should be given careful consideration. For us, the upfront planning is equally important to the design that ultimately results in freshdesign's signature look simple and unfussy with an emphasis on texture, color and clean lines.

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